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Cn a new micro controller really overcome product development security threats? Some think this one will!  Microchip Technology released the PIC32CM LS60, a micro controller (MCU) that combines the Trust Platform secure subsystem with easy-to-use Arm TrustZone technology to overcome product development security threats in various markets while offering low power consumption for longer battery life.

The PIC32CM LS60 facilitates end product development by using one MCU rather than two or more semiconductor chips. This enables designers to turn to one trusted source to find a 32-bit MCU that is designed to protect products and the end user from remote or physical attacks on their smart home devices, smartphone or tablet accessories, portable medical devices, wearables, connected appliances and industrial robots.

These types of designs are supported with tools to simplify the configuration of the secure subsystem and to securely provision keys and certificates.The PIC32CM LS60 integrates an enhanced peripheral touch controller with the Driven Shield Plus feature that prevents false touches due to moisture and provides high immunity to noise to enable exceptional touch interfaces in waterproof wearables and modern appliances.

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