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Dallas Police Department in Texas, USA, has officially launched its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program after six years of research and experimentation.

The UAV group will be tasked with supporting the Dallas Police Department’s patrol units and other groups on the field through its police air support system. It consists of 18 unmanned aerial vehicles of various DJI models equipped to perform a variety of missions, such as search-and-rescue, disaster response, fugitive apprehensions, building searches, and tackling bombs and hazardous materials.

Among the DJI models available to the department are the Mini 2, Mavic Pro, FPV, and Matrice 300 UAVs. Mavics are designed for medium-range, open-space, and indoor response while the smaller models are intended for tactical training. In addition to providing data regarding field operations from the air, Matrice models are used during search and rescue operations in open areas.

According to the Dallas Police Department, the department relies on existing UAV systems available on the market, and does not update or modify the system.