U.S. Homeland Security will work to counter Russia’s influence

U.S. Homeland Security will work to counter Russia’s influence

first responders, Photo: illustration, US DHS
Photo: illustration, US DHS

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Homeland Security is regarded as the lead federal agency that addresses Russian influences on the U.S.

Last week, an official statement from US Homeland Security (DHS) said that President Biden had designated the department as the leading federal agency for coordinating alertness and response in the context of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. As reported on dhs.gov, while the United States is not currently facing any specific threats, the Department of Homeland Security coordinates federal forces if necessary.

In its role of overseeing the nation’s security, DHS has made preparations for a possible national attack on the nation by forming a special coordination group (UCG), which integrates forces across government to prepare the response; establishes strategic objectives and goals; and coordinates efforts with federal, state, local, and private government representatives to ensure that these objectives and goals are supported.

Recently, different organizations have been encouraging those concerned with improving their immunity to both cyber and physical attacks. Shields Up, a website maintained by the US Cybersecurity Agency, offers information on methods to improve cyber security and protect critical assets.