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The Russian military has received new coastal defense radar systems. The Monolit-BR coastal sea-surface and air reconnaissance radar system has entered service with the Leningrad Naval Base in Russia’s Western Military District.

According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense’s announcement, two Monolit-BR systems were delivered, for tracking of surface vessels and low-flying aircraft. 

The likely recipient was the 25th Coastal Missile Brigade, which is part of the Baltic Fleet headquartered at the Leningrad Naval Base, according to

According to, the Monolit-B coastal sea-surface and air reconnaissance system is designed for long-range over-the-horizon active and passive radar search, detection and tracking of surface targets, for reception and processing of information on surface situation from external information sources (ships, helicopters, lookout posts), and also for generation and output of target designation data to anti-ship missile weapon control system.