Good Luck to the Startups Selected for INNOFENSE Innovation Center’s Second Batch!

Good Luck to the Startups Selected for INNOFENSE Innovation Center’s Second Batch!

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The second batch of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center is being launched today! Eight innovative projects out of 120 startups that applied were selected for the program and will enjoy the opportunity to bring their innovation to the forefront of the activity in the security field.

The innovation center, led by iHLS in collaboration with DDR&D (MAF’AT), Israel Ministry of Defense, is the leading innovation program for dual-use technological projects in the civilian and security sectors.

The program is designed to strengthen the connection between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

Meet the startups selected to the INNOFENSE’s second batch:

  • DuckbearLab is a company that specializes in simulation & games development. Its simulation development solutions are based on modern game engines. The main products are: UniSim – an extension that provides simulation development capabilities to the Unity game engine; and UniCGF – a computer-generated forces platform based on the Unity game engine.
  • iPIPE is an early-stage company developing a revolutionary system that provides direct inspection and asset management capability of potable water pressurized pipe networks while the pipe is still in service. iPIPE will provide a complete, effective solution for identifying and locating leaks, faulty welds, corrosion, blockage, unauthorized (pirate) connections, and unmapped (GIS) network segments. 
  • SoniCracker develops an audio processing and voice intent for fraud detection. Its solution enhances contact center security and customer experience, leveraging advanced identification and verification technologies, thereby reducing losses, by employing highly-effective fraud prevention and detection tools. Using Audio Processing, the sophisticated SoniCracker AI-based algorithm processes the audio sample, retrieving all relevant information including the number of speakers (and signals), overlap and-non speech/signal separation, speaker/device ID, exposure of recorded calls, and deepfake voice use.
  • Strix Drones – the first company in the world to present multifunctional ground docking stations and software compatible with any drone. Deployed as a similar concept as gas stations for cars; the ground stations enable any drone about to run out of power to land, recharge, and continue its mission.
  • Next-Dim3 helps unveil and explain invaluable information using automatic discovery algorithms to surface insights and explain irregular patterns from large networks, focusing on anti-financial crime and anti-social network manipulation use-cases. The platform is based on the transition from a transaction-based paradigm to a more comprehensive – network-based one. It enables one to view the whole picture including significant notions such as the source, chronology, and velocity of activity. Next-Dim also automatically reveals hidden structures and anomalies.
  • Databin developed a smart system for container monitoring, control, and optimization. Databin system is based on a smart IoT algorithm, sensor-integrated, and transmits real-time information to a remote control system. The device transmits customer-relevant information such as Capacity, Temperature, Humidity, and additional parameters allowing management optimization, control, and effective operation of garbage/ water recycling bins, and more. 
  • C-Square – a SaaS platform that allows secure access to a VMD (Virtual Mobile Device), completely separated from the employee’s device of choice and fully managed by the organization.
  • Deepkeep – provides an end-to-end solution for trustworthy and protected AI. As ML systems can be easily attacked, DeepKeep addresses the top barriers to AI adoption.  The solution provides AI protection & firewall: detection, protection, testing, and analysis; Explainable AI for security, safety, transparency, and trustworthy AI; Seamless integration along the entire AI lifecycle; Sandbox environment with extensive set of automatic tools.

We in iHLS are proud and excited to lead this groundbreaking innovation center, together with our partners at the Israel MoD and DDR&D.

For more information regarding the startups:  [email protected]