Rapid Response Drone Network Launched

Rapid Response Drone Network Launched

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At a time when efficient vaccine and medication delivery is crucial, new drone network technology allows for near-instant deployment for medical deliveries, emergency services and, if integrated with a camera system, real-time surveillance. 

Dutch aviation technology company Avy has launched its Drone Response Network, comprising drones with VTOL capabilities and command docking stations that enable takeoff within minutes, without batteries or assembly. 

Avy’s Aera autonomous aircraft comes with a 4L capacity Medkit, with sensors that keep medical products between 2-6° C for at least 100 minutes, in ambient temperature up to 40° C, rainfall up to 3 millimeters per hour and winds under 25 knots — 90% operability in various weather conditions.

Aera can deliver a payload of up to 3 kilograms over 100 kilometers, twice as fast as road-based transportation, and in both urban and rural areas. It can also be used for emergency surveillance if integrated with a high zoom RGB and thermal camera system. 

The Aera drones can be controlled and deployed from linked stations. A response network of two stations and two drones can cover up to 1000 square kilometers for delivery and observation. 

For the first time, flights will be conducted in urban areas, where the hospitals are located.

The system is fit for purpose and will begin flights in the first quarter of 2022, according to insideunmannedsystems.com.