Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Proivde Satellite Navigation

With unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) representing a rapidly expanding user base, a new UAV is joinging the ranks of the Navigation Laboratory of the...
airport security - photo illus. airport by Pixabay

Ransomware Attacks on European Transportation Targets

A ransomware attack on a Swiss airport could be part of a larger campaign. Airport ground services and air cargo operator Swissport has been...

Unprecedented Offshore Capabilities – AW189 SAR Helicopters

The Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization (DMO) has awarded Bristow Group, a provider of vertical flight solutions, a contract to provide its Coastguard with search...
unmanned systems

Rapid Response Drone Network Launched

At a time when efficient vaccine and medication delivery is crucial, new drone network technology allows for near-instant deployment for medical deliveries, emergency services...

Smart City – The Whole Picture on Single Platform 

Cities are digitizing more of their services to facilitate data gathering on mobility, safety, and in relation to communication with citizens. However, authorities still...

IED Detection – Solution May Have been Found

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) can be very difficult for soldiers to detect, as they're made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and...
military internet

Unprecedented Collaboration in Military Internet

Efforts to establish a collaborative military network for NATO states has achieved a new stage. Government officials from Germany and the Netherlands have signed...

Dutch Police Selected Elbit’s Cyber Intelligence System 

Netherland’s law enforcement agencies are enhancing their cyber capabilities. Cyber Intelligence, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, was selected to provide the Dutch National Police...
quantum security

Quantum Solution for Major Security Challenge

Finding new and innovative ways to secure online sensitive data has become imperative. The Dutch bank group ABN Amro has joined forces with a...

This Solution will Turn Amsterdam into a Smart City System

About a quarter of Amsterdam’s surface area is water, with 165 canals winding alongside  city streets. Self-driving technologies can save time, costs and energy,...
Photo illust. US Army

This UGV Can Cope with 30-Degree Slopes

The Netherlands has been enhancing its Army with unmanned capabilities. The Army has recently received two THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles developed by Milrem Robotics,...

Drones Widen Their Scope of Activity to New Fields

Like any technology, drones are being used for good as well as malevolent purposes. There is a potential threat to transport such as container...
DDoS Attack Launched against GitHub

Largest Known Cyber Attack Launched Against GitHub

GitHub has become the target of the largest-known cyber attack in history. The web-hosting service revealed the attack in a blog post according to...

NATO Preparing for Urban Warfare

NATO is requesting outside contractors to pitch concepts on military operations in urban areas, admitting that its forces are unprepared for urban warfare in...

Israel as Global Cyber Power – Cyber Week

The cyber sphere has been gaining increased importance regarding the conduct of states, security organizations and the business realm. The vital need to secure...


image provided by pixabay

Tiny AI Camera Captures 3D Color Images

Researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany developed a compact multispectral camera using inkjet printers that is based on something called 3D spectral...