Watch: Groundbreaking Technology for Tactical Operations


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A new door breaching grenade technology will improve Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE) operations and provide more safety for breaching teams. The 40mm stand-off breaching grenade is designed for use in scenarios where there is a need to breach locked doors to gain access to a building or room. 

The technology was developed by the UK Government and has been licensed to Energetics Technology Limited (ETL). The development is particularly advantageous for operations in built-up urban environments and use within buildings and other confined spaces where current door breaching rounds cannot be deployed safely.

The design, developed over several years of research by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), can deform a variety of door materials – including multi-lock steel doors – to enable access by the breaching team. The improved directional control of the explosive blast lowers the risk to the breaching team and reduces their stand-off distance. Fragmentation effects behind the door are also minimized which reduces collateral damage.

Because the blast can be highly targeted, a reduced amount of explosive can be used. This reduction in Net Explosive Quantity (NEQ) makes the grenades less hazardous to use, handle, store and transport than conventional alternatives, according to

UK Defence Minister Jeremy Quin said this development reflected the collaboration between Defence and industry and academia to promote innovation.