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Sea mines constitute a growing threat. A cutting-edge autonomous system able to detect modern sea mine threats and reduce risk to life has been delivered to the UK Royal Navy. Manufactured by Thales UK, the system has commenced rigorous capability development trials with the Royal Navy.

The remotely-operated boat, controlled from either a ship or land, tows a highly-sensitive detection device to combat sea mines and keep ships and personnel away from danger.

The system is part of the joint Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) program between the UK and France.

Defence Procurement Minister Jeremy Quin said: “This new technology is a huge leap forward for the Royal Navy’s autonomous capabilities in the detection of sea mines. These systems will keep our personnel out of harm’s way whilst they conduct vital operations to protect shipping lanes from these hidden threats.”

The users of the system are expected to be able to detect and neutralise mines from miles away, ensuring they can keep vital sea lanes open, with much-reduced risk to ships and the lives of sailors, according to