Unbelieveble Search and Rescue – All The Way From Norway

The arctic. image by pixabay

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The capabilities of the CAMCOPTER S-100 unmanned air vehicle have been recently demonstrated on board a Norwegian coast guard vessel. S-100 is a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft with proven capabilities for military and civilian applications. 

The purpose of the trials was to demonstrate the embarked Search and Rescue (SAR) and maritime surveillance capabilities of the aircraft in the environmental conditions of the Arctic in latitudes above 75 degrees north. Schiebel, together with Andøya Space Defense, successfully demonstrated the UAV on board KV Nordkapp in Norwegian waters.

The week-long trial was made possible through “Arctic 2030”, a Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs program, which aims to sustain Norwegian interests in the far north. The aim was to demonstrate that UAVs ideally supplement manned helicopters, greatly enhancing SAR efforts in this remote part of the world.  The UAV proved that it can operate in adverse weather conditions, where manned helicopters can be at higher risk, according to the company announcement. Furthermore, it is suitable for maritime operations, including under harsh weather conditions such as those of the Arctic. 

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