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Head of Innovation and Country Branding, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The Corona period has raised the profile of the Israeli innovation industry in the world”

InnoTech, the international conference and exhibition organized by iHLS in collaboration with Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense and the National Cyber Directorate, will host some 35 delegations from all over the world and many senior officials, including Head of Cyber Directorate of Ruanda, Director of National Cyber Security Center under Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Lithuania, alongside a keynote address by Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, and with Dr. Yoaz Hendel, Minister of Communications, Orit Farkash Hacohen, Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Erez Tidhar, Executive Director of Israel National CERT at the National Cyber Directorate, Dr. Ron Malka, Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, and more.

Excitement has been demonstrated also at Tel Aviv Expo, getting ready to host the first international conference after two years, with delegations from the US, Portugal, Canada, Argentina, Cyprus, India, and more. A large two-day exhibition with pavilions and more than 100 companies, accompanied by an outstanding conference with thought-provoking panel discussions with the leading experts.

The conference will focus on critical infrastructure security, cyber challenges in the municipal arena, smart transportation, autonomous vehicles in the urban setting, operational systems security, coping with terrorist attacks, threats to public security, etc.

Ran Natanzon, Head of Innovation and Country Branding, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The Corona period has raised the profile of the Israeli innovation industry in the world. The new global reality requires technological solutions and knowledge sharing in various fields, from tele-medicine, distance learning, to cybersecurity and data analysis solutions. Israeli industry has aroused a great deal of interest and we are now seeing renewed interest from the delegations to come to Israel and see up close everything that Israel has to offer.”

Avi Yariv, a cyber, intelligence, and HLS expert and the Chairman of InnoTech Conference: “The HLS and cyber world as we had known before the Corona pandemic is completely different now. The increasing cyber threat in Israel is also evident globally. Cities, organizations, and states are coping with similar threats, all looking for solutions. The Israeli expertise in cybersecurity and HLS is a coveted and required product these days.”

Brig. Gen. (res.) Sharon Nir, Former Commander, IDF National School of Communication & Cyber Defense: “States and cities that have learned to turn the Corona pandemic from threat to opportunity have been able to assimilate technological capabilities that have impacted all areas of life: advanced medicine, digital education, hybrid employment and more. It is a sub-revolution within the information revolution that has changed the state and urban space beyond recognition and upgraded the way the citizen receives and consumes services.”

Guy Mizrahi, a serial entrepreneur and cyber expert: “Israel is a cyber power any way you look at it. The defensive cyber field has spawned thousands of successful start-ups that have supported the strengthening of cyber defense of countries, organizations, and companies. Israeli companies also stand out in the cyber intelligence sector and the world wants to see and learn what Israel has to offer. The conference is an opportunity for more than 100 companies to get exposure and break forward.”

InnoTech will take place at Expo Tel Aviv on November 17-18.