Spot by Boston Dynamics in Pompeii. Phot by The Archaeological Park of Pompeii

Watch Spot Travel to Pompeii

In 79 CE ash from a volcanic eruption covered Pompeii, making it a city of ruins. Now, a robot dog named Spot coming to...

Comprehensive Security During Recent FIFA Games

Stadium and large public events require special means in order to secure the masses of people attending them. The recent international football tournament games...

From Business Aircraft to Early Warning Platform

Italy will acquire new Gulfstream G550-based multi-mission aircraft in order to modify it for conformal airborne early warning and control/electronic attack (CAEW/EA) roles via...

COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain Under Attack

A recent cyber attack on a COVID-19 vaccine scheduling system in Italy has demonstrated the growing threat of such attacks on medical supply chains.  A...

Considerable Advancement in Eurodrone Project

The Eurodrone program received a boost in the form of a €100 million (U.S. $118 million) grant from the European Union. The pan-European medium-altitude,...


image provided by pixabay

Connecting Satellite Constellations and the Internet of Things

Nowadays, the number of connected objects that compose the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing quickly – today's 15 billion connected devices are expected to...