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The annual AUSA (Association of the US Army) exhibition held this week in Washington demonstrated a wealth of new military technologies and innovation. Here are some highlights:

  • UAV – AeroVironment displayed its Arcturus Jump 20 Group 3 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) focusing on its maintainability.
  • UAV – Teledyne FLIR launched its new Ion M640x tactical unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a 640×512 infrared (IR) sensor and a near-IR laser illuminator.
  • Communications – Invisio unveiled its new AI-powered V-Series Gen II tactical communications platform designed to enhance hearing protection and quality.
  • Remote weapon systems – Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled a newly enhanced SAMSON 30mm Integrated Remote Weapons System (RWS) for light vehicles.
  • Tracked Robot – 10-Ton (TRX) showcased by General Dynamics is part of the Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium (RCV-M) class. The robot features an AI-enhanced design, advanced, lightweight materials and a hybrid-electric propulsion system.
  • VR for training – InVeris Training Solutions revealed its immersive Virtual Reality – Decisions and Tactics (VR-DT) system for de-escalation training.
  • Manned-Unmanned – Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) based on Next Gen Bradley evolved from armored multi-purpose vehicle (AMPV) was showcased by BAE Systems with Elbit Systems of America.
  • Communications – General Dynamics unveiled its new Shadowcat Radio, a resilient radio for squad level communications in contested environments. The radio’s advanced RF technology makes it less detectable and susceptible to interference and jamming attempts.