Information Sharing to Protect Vulnerable Sector

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The oil and natural gas 00industry worldwide is exposed to increasing cyber threats as this industry is becoming more interconnected. State and criminal actors are evolving their capabilities to take advantage of those connections. Cyber threats targeting ICS (industrial control system) /OT (operational technology) networks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, but data collection and analysis is extremely limited for industrial defenders. Because adversaries can move through ICS/OT networks undetected they are able to continually train and prepare for the next cyber attack. 

A new information-sharing network in the US will provide greater visibility into industrial control system cyber threats facing the local oil and natural gas sector. 

Dragos, a provider of cybersecurity for ICS/OT environments, has developed Neighborhood Keeper which will be used by the Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC).

Originally developed with the support of an award from the U.S. Department of Energy, the platform is a free, opt-in, anonymized information-sharing network available to all the company customers.

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The ONG-ISAC analysts will have access to anonymous and aggregated information about threat analytics and Indicators of Compromise (IOC) as they are detected by the Dragos Platform and shared with Neighborhood Keeper. 

Insights and trends gleaned from this information will be shared more broadly with all ONG-ISAC members. At the same time, Dragos customers in the oil and natural gas sector will benefit from access to a larger pool of cybersecurity expert analysis providing feedback on threats and vulnerabilities. 

The new capability helps the oil and natural gas community operate collectively to make sure an attack on one member can be seen and shared by all, according to the company announcement on