Stryker Vehicle as Testing Platform

A pair of US Army (USA) M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicles (ICV), from 2nd Platoon (PLT), Bravo (B) Company (CO), 1st Battalion (BN), 5th Infantry (INF), 25th Infantry Division (ID) (Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT)), fitted with Slat Armor cages, conduct a patrol near Mosul, Iraq. The SBCT is assigned to Task Force Freedom supporting Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

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The US Defense Department is preparing for PNTAX, or the Positioning, Navigation and Timing Assessment Exercise, which will be held at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, in October.

During recent Rehearsal of Concept drills, US government organizations and industry partners had the opportunity to integrate their equipment and technology onto Stryker vehicles while also gaining a new understanding of the plan for PNTAX.

PNTAX is an annual exercise hosted by the Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space Cross Functional Team. 

The new integration facility in Madison allows for a wide range of stakeholders position, navigation and timing technologies to be integrated onto military platforms and to be integrated through different communications platforms that are able to provide situational awareness, command and control, maneuverability and logistics.

The facility currently houses four ICV Stryker vehicles and is designed to host a multitude of military platforms in addition to the Strykers, serving as a hands-on facility for local organizations to integrate their technologies.

In addition to integration opportunities, the ROC drills featured a map that allows all the stakeholders to have a clear understanding of what to prepare for at White Sands.

The exercise provides an environment for industry and government organizations to test their technologies and equipment in a denied environment, namely a hostile location that is still under enemy control, limiting the capabilities of U.S. forces, as reported by