Got Groundbreaking Technology? Apply to Israel MoD’s Call for Startups

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If your startup is developing a groundbreaking technology we invite you to apply to INNOFENSE Innovation Center. Applications are open to the second cycle of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center led by iHLS in collaboration with DDR&D (MAF’AT), Israel Ministry of Defense. The leading innovation program for dual-use technological projects in the civilian and security sectors.

The program is designed to strengthen the links between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

Why join us?

iHLS’ business capabilities, knowledge, and experience in the security innovation ecosystem, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and MAFA’T, will bring about the creation of a promising and unique innovation center that will yield far-reaching achievements to Israeli innovation.

iHLS will support the startups in business development, penetration to relevant markets, legal advice, and networking and investments.

The startups selected by a committee of high-level representatives from the innovation center, Ministry of Defense, MAF’AT and IDF arms will be recruited for six-month cycles, and each project will receive up to NIS 170,000 upon entrance to the program, in addition to support from the innovation center, Ministry of Defense, MAF’AT and the IDF air and ground arms, intelligence directorate and C4I corps.

Apply by September 12, 2021  

For INNOFENSE’s second cycle, we are looking for startups responding to the following challenges:

  • Autonomous take-off and landing site for drones
  • Mobile/ remote energy solutions
  • Energy solutions with high energy/weight ratio (in a very low weight energy unit)
  • 3D identification and characterization of objects (mainly from automotive realms)
  • Sensing through walls solutions
  • Drone delivery package placing
  • Algorithm for road identification through camera designed for off-road navigation
  • Personal and mobile communication, Ad-hoc Device to Device / MESH based on 5G Rel.15 / 16 standards.
  • Structured developer environment on a public cloud
  • Development of decentralized applications (blockchain)
  • Secure usage of client-owned application, focusing on the end-to-end (cloud to device) protection against information leak. The work environment is – App accessed via public cloud, on a device which is outside the control of the organization (BYOD)
  • Solutions that provide a zero-footprint “secure developer workstation”, allowing developers to apply online tools and services on sensitive software code while the employee’s identity is continuously authenticated (using, for example, multi-factor authentication).
  • Protection for applications running on EOS operating systems.
  • Real-time anomaly identification from several information sources
  • Cybersecurity for legacy systems by operating a legacy operation system inside a modern operating system
  • Counter breaching cybersecurity through software updates
  • Smart garbage disposal
  • AI for insight analysis from information cassettes for risk analysis and investigation
  • Smart low-resolution tracking
  • Speech to text in Hebrew
  • Cameras-based autonomous navigation – robotics (algorithmics) field
  • Safety solutions for autonomous systems – robotics field
  • ML under few information conditions – DS field
  • Algorithmics regarding low power hardware – DS field
  • Simulation-based trainers – DS field
  • Algorithmics for the operation of an autonomous mission – robotics field
  • Turning aerial photographs into a 3D model – robotics field
  • AI-based semantic conversion – DS field
  • AI resilience to cyber attacks – DS field
  • Protection, communication and information sharing among clouds – DS field
  • Real-time, in the field planning and control systems – DS field
  • Autonomous drone for navigation and explorative information collection in various terrain conditions
  • Instruction and support in the performance of complex missions by the use of Augmented Reality

Apply by September 12, 2021 to the INNOFENSE security innovation program fill in your startup profile