South Korea’s Armed Forces Improving Their Laser Capabilities

laser detection

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South Korea has been improving its laser weapons capabilities as a defensive measure against space-based nuclear or intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

The country’s Agency for Defense Development has selected explosives and infrastructure provider Hanwha Group to develop an oscillator, a device that helps laser weapons target drones flying several miles away.

The company said it will apply advanced laser light source technology in developing such military equipment. The Korean company disclosed that the project would cost around 24.3 billion won ($21.9 million) and is projected to be completed in four years.

In addition to upgrading its laser weapons, South Korea is bolstering its surveillance capabilities, recently signing a contract to procure low-noise hydrogen fuel cell drones.

“The rapid pilot acquisition project contributes to the development of advanced technology and military use by rapidly applying private new technologies to the military for the past year and inducing private investments by private companies,” according to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

South Korean Army Chief of Staff Gen. Nam Yeong-shin also said in April that the army is accelerating efforts to deploy a drone robot-based combat system to adapt to new battle environments.

The country’s armed forces are also planning to establish a division responsible for drone weapon infrastructure, systems, and training, as reported by