New Operational System to Secure US Air Force Base

US Air Force (USAF) Major (MAJ) Max Maroska, with the 43rd Fighter Squadron (FS), delivers the newest F/A-22 Raptor to Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB), Florida (FL). This is the squadrons seventh new Raptor. He was met on the ramp by a group of pilots, maintainers and visitors eager to see the newest addition to the squadron.

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A new system will help the U.S. Air Force secure operations at Tyndall AF Base in Florida.

Various features of the Installation Resilience Operations Center prototype were showcased as part of a live system demonstration display in the military base.

The system is under development by Novetta and SimpleSense. The industry team won a 36-month, $9 million other transaction agreement in September 2020 to build the IROC system of systems designed to support Tyndall’s maintenance and situational awareness efforts. The complete prototype will be operational by September 2023.

USAF noted the partnership will integrate a dozen technologies into a military internet-of-things platform and produce a virtual hub that will process internal and external data such as building controls, occupancy and gun fires.

“The IROC will be tied into the Base Defense Operations Center, or BDOC, to act as the central nervous system for integrated defense and emergency management operations,” Maj. Jordon Criss, 325th Security Forces Squadron commander, was cited by

“We will use the technology to rapidly enhance the situational awareness for all emergency responders during complex and dynamic contingencies to best preserve life and protect critical assets by increasing the speed and accuracy of our decision-making process.”