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A new unmanned system was unveiled in Moscow. The ZALA 421-16E5G domestic unmanned aerial vehicle with a hybrid power plant is designed for long-distance flights. 

It is capable of providing aerial monitoring covering distances of up to 150+ kilometers and staying in the air for more than 12 hours.

This model is a modernized version of the ZALA 421-16E system, which combines the advantages of aircraft and helicopter types of drones.

The UAV manufactured by ZALA Aero Group is a unique unmanned complex with a hybrid power plant, which provides the charge of a buffer battery for an hour, allowing it to fly long distances. The UAV reached 16 hour flight duration during production test flights.

The unmanned system is equipped with a combined payload with two thermal imagers, a 60x video camera. Optionally, the UAV is capable of carrying a payload weighing up to 10 kg. The video stream is broadcast in HD format (1280 * 720), which allows the ground station operator to view the streaming image in great detail, according to

Objects are detected and recognized in real-time by the onboard computer based on artificial intelligence.