Stealth System will Function as Force Multiplier for Combat Aircraft

loyal wingman uav

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The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and a certain level of autonomy may be the key in creating a revolutionary force multiplier for existing manned combat aircraft.

India-based Kinetix Engineering Solutions and UK-based Marques Aviation are developing ‘Eklavya’ Loyal wingman, a stealth, multirole, unmanned aerial vehicle, and ‘Maya’ Medium altitude long endurance UAV. 

The Loyal Wingman is an unmanned stealth aircraft that incorporates artificial intelligence and utilizes a modular mission package with low observable design elements for minimum infrared and acoustic signatures and RCS with a different set of equipment or armaments for various missions including combat, ISR, counter-air, electronic intelligence, escort of manned platforms.

The UAV employs stealth trapezoidal slender fuselage, V-tail, along with air-air refueling (AAR) system.

The command and control function has both manned-unmanned teaming architecture. The UAS is also accompanied by AI swarming capability. It also has a distributed sensor fusion.

The payloads would consist of sensors, EW systems, counter-measures & ordinances, according to

MAYA is a medium-altitude long-endurance UAV (MALE UAV) with multi-role dual-use feature.