Security Challenges at FIFA 2022 – Highlights from MILIPOL

Security Challenges at FIFA 2022 – Highlights from MILIPOL

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New technologies and concepts in the security, law enforcement and preparedness fields were showcased and discussed at the MILIPOL 2021 exhibition held last week in Qatar.

Among the highlights:

  • Towards FIFA 2022 World Cup Qatar events in 2022, the Olympic games, etc., a special seminar held on the security management of major events stressed the importance of using an integrated C4i system for command and control at major sporting events, especially during the crowd movement to and from the World Cup stadiums. 

Holding such events during a pandemic entails special measures. Sporting events hosted by Qatar during the outbreak of Covid-19 entailed some preventive measures taken in the game zones and technical zones to limit the contact and ensure safety.

The total sites of associated activities and events accompanying the World Cup include some simultaneous activities at about 170 sites, an operation that requires thorough planning.

  • Dealing with rogue drone threats in major events will require the use of innovative technology based on radiofrequency and electromagnetic jamming to detect, locate and neutralize the rogue drones to enhance safety of the sporting events.

Securing large events using tethered drones was discussed, as an effective measure for both civilian and security uses, in monitoring riot phenomena in stadiums and controlling the exit and entry of the public, as it was used in all international sporting events, such as Formula One and others. It can play an effective role in Qatar with World Cup events as the plane covers a large seating area for 100,000 spectators and a height of 100m in addition to the fact that its operating costs compared to helicopters are very low, as reported by

  • Civil Defence’s preparedness to deal with emergencies was highlighted. A new rescue and rapid response vehicle which was recently deployed by the local General Directorate of Civil Defence (GDCD). It is designed for dealing with emergencies and can facilitate rescue and response services, including fire fighting. It features speed and ability to make urgent interventions. The vehicles were brought in as part of the preparations to serve the venues of the FIFA 2022 games. An official said the small vehicles will have easy access to places like basements while the big ones can fight fire outbreaks and other emergencies in multi-storeyed buildings and stadiums.
  • Awareness raising has been presented as another important focus. A safety culture will be disseminated among various segments of society, special campaigns will be held in order to educate family members and instill safety concepts, according to