US Navy Gets Critical EW Capability 

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A next-generation jammer will be mounted aboard a US leading aerial electronic attack platform. 

The US Navy recently announced a $496 million contract with L3Harris for a portion of the Navy’s premier aerial-jamming platform.

The Next Generation Jammer Low Band (NGJ-LB) will be mounted aboard EA-18G Growlers – carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft. It will replace the ALQ-99 jamming pod and has been broken up into three pods covering three portions of the electromagnetic spectrum: mid, low, and high. The Navy awarded the mid-band pod to Raytheon in 2016. In 2018, the Navy awarded contracts to Northrop Grumman and L3 Technologies to demonstrate existing systems as a means of buying down risk on the eventual program and awardee. 

The contract supports the final design and manufacturing of eight operational prototype pods with four test pods to work through issues such as airworthiness and integration on the Growler, according to

“NGJ-LB is the next step in the evolution of Airborne Electronic Attack that is needed to meet current and emerging electronic warfare gaps,” said Rear Adm. Shane Gahagan, program executive officer, tactical aircraft programs. “The increased jamming capability that NGJ-LB brings to the warfighter is critical to sustaining the future missions of the Navy and other services.”

Congress has signaled some concern with the program and the Navy’s approach, requiring a report on a strategy for how the Next Generation Jammer will help ensure full spectrum electromagnetic superiority in July 2021.