This Ground-Breaking Technology Uses Cellular Activity for Providing Critical Insights 

This Ground-Breaking Technology Uses Cellular Activity for Providing Critical Insights 

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Efforts to trace the exact location of people have not started with the intensive attempts by states to stop the spread of the COVID-9 pandemic. Rather it is a constant and major requirement by security and law enforcement agencies all over the world, which so far has not received the immediate technological response.

A wide range of illegitimate actions, from drug trafficking to terrorist infiltration attempts can now be accurately and immediately thwarted thanks to the advanced technologies developed by the Israeli company Wave Guard Technologies.

The company is an expert in the extraction and analysis of big data from cellular networks into real-time insights with intelligence and operative value. Its system for tracing the location of cellular devices enables the accurate geo-location of people as well as the analysis of the cellular communications they produce – incoming and outgoing calls, the type of communication, etc.

We’re talking about meta-data analysis, which leads to information and intelligence insights regarding various aspects, from the location of the person of interest, through the connections between people (identification of a terrorist or criminal cell), defining perimeters of interest, etc.

Wave Guard’s technologies are designed to help HLS, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, internal security organizations, first responders and military forces to monitor and track the activities of human targets in real-time and with high accuracy.

The company also provides advanced big data analytics regarding cellular networks and other resources for identifying behavioral patterns and gaining insights in order to prevent and analyze terrorist and criminal activities.

The substantial advantages of Wave Guard’s technology provide:

  • Strategic capabilities
  • High accuracy
  • Response to all types of cellular devices of all generations, from the simple, old device to the 5th generation devices.

Wave Guard is offering two types of advanced systems:

Tracer – provides an innovative, powerful paradigm for mobile phone-based geo-location and tracking. It is a strategic system that draws nation-wide data from cellular providers based on collaboration with them. 

Using the radio information files received from the cellular operators, the system can geo-locate each and every person who uses the network as well as users’ cellular activity, without any limit on the number of cellular users. This enables not only the monitoring of any person in the country but also monitoring historical locations and connections, for example by a terror or crime suspect, providing investigators with highly-accurate information.

Artemis – This solution is based on the deployment of sensors in perimeters of interest. The sensor traces any cellular device approaching its coverage area, alerting and providing details. 

The system can be deployed in several areas of interest:

  • Border control – for controlling the border area and detecting people around it, including the ability to differentiate between legitimate security forces and non-legitimate activity. This provides intelligence insight that helps thwart infiltrations, drug trafficking, women trafficking, etc.
  • Coastline monitoring, designed for the detection of terrorists, illegal trafficking boats or refugees’ vessels. For example, the system can provide alerts on refugee boats in certain areas in Europe, in a way that can help them and even save their lives.
  • In airports, the system provides the capability to monitor the entrance of terrorists, 

wanted suspects, international criminals, etc.

  • Locating people in Indoor sites.

The company keeps adapting to new and emerging challenges. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wave Guard has developed additional capabilities for its strategic system, in order to help break the chain of infection. Currently, the system can geo-locate any verified patient, trace his or her contacts, and provide reliable alerts.

The company’s customers include a wide range of law enforcement agencies, with its systems deployed in several countries all over the world. Undoubtedly, the advanced capability to turn cellular-based big data into valuable real-time insights is a game-changer providing a tremendous advantage to any security agency.