Active Crime Scene – from New Perspective

Active Crime Scene – from New Perspective

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A new service can help revolutionize crisis management for law enforcement. Using advanced drone and AI technologies, a new rendering processing service will create highly-accurate 3D maps that are viewable in virtual reality, in record time. 

This will be provided by using traditional mapping software in conjunction with USCIA’s proprietary cloud-based AI super computing platform.

The development will allow law enforcement officers to see an active crime scene from a new perspective without risking the lives of the officers on the ground. This changes the situational awareness and management game for public safety agencies.

The platform enables safe and effective drone operations in a wide range of environments, allowing drone operators to deliver critical, real-time intelligence to decision makers.

The technology was developed by Unmanned Aircraft Systems operator USCIA which specializes in geospatial imaging using drones.

The company’s drones are used primarily to conduct surveys of the terrain in order to help identify hazards such as potential flooding or security issues, according to