All You Have to Know About HLS, Cyber and Innovation – INNOTECH...

All You Have to Know About HLS, Cyber and Innovation – INNOTECH International Live Conference Panel Discussions 


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How far can you go sacrificing your privacy for security? What are the unique opportunities offered by smart city technologies? And how does the IDF encourage innovation and harvest its fruits? These are only a few of the fascinating questions that will be at the heart of the panel discussions at the INNOTECH International Live Conference broadcast on December 8-9.

The latest technological developments and hot topics on the international and Israeli agenda will be discussed and analyzed by leading experts during the intriguing panel discussions:  

Cyber Discussion Panels

Privacy loss justified by a pandemic

A growing erosion of privacy has been evident even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it seems that all the barriers have been removed. What is the boundary that we would not cross? 

Ethics in the operation of intelligence products vis a vis civilians in the COVID-19 age

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the need to activate surveillance measures vis a vis the population as a whole. What are the dangers and how can we minimize and manage them?

Unclear boundaries – who moved my information? 

Most of our private information previously stored in computers is now dispersed in cloud storages that we are not aware of. Who manages this information and who is interested in taking and using it? What are the current defense concepts, and which technologies could safeguard this information?

The right to be forgotten, and can it be applied?

The information about a person is kept in various places in accordance with his or her consent. However, what happens to this information when you are no longer interested in leaving it there? 

Cyber futurology – Cyber 2030

As opposed to the constant character of humans, technology changes at an extremely fast rate. What will the development rate be and which factors will influence it? Will cyber continue to develop in an evolutionary pattern or will a singular point change everything?

Cyber – a trend or something that will persist?

Cyber today is what was once called encryption and later – information security. What trends should we expect, how will this field be called in the future, and why?

Organizational attacks – when a power attacks a civilian organization

Organizations do not expect attacks by power states but rather by hackers. What is the symmetry between an organization and a power state, and how can organizations create an asymmetrical balance of terror vis a vis a great power? 

I have been attacked – what should be done?

What are the most updated technologies in incidence response?

OT, IoT, and SCADA

How can we protect connected critical infrastructures? How can technological innovation help?

HLS Discussion Panels

Smart and safe cities vs. “comfortable cities” and quality of life

From Safe City to Smart City. The strive for increased personal security and public safety in the city has created cities networked with communication systems, sensors, etc. What are the limitations on the quality of life and the right to privacy, imposed by security? 

Cellular 5G as an enabler or thwarter: added value, regulation, threats, and opportunities

5G technology – what are the capabilities provided by this innovative technology and how does it influence people’s lives from the aspects of security, privacy, information transfer rate, etc.?

Personal security during the COVID-19 age

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to develop and embed information systems in order to break the chain of transmission. Medical records confidentiality is one of the major challenges, as well as the way this information is used. What is the point where the right to privacy ends and the public good becomes first priority?

Unmanned systems – for improving the security in public space

Unmanned air, ground and naval systems fulfill numerous roles in security and rescue operations all over the world. What are the advantages and shortcomings of these systems compared to manned platforms, and how can we increase their effectiveness? 

Innovation Discussion Panels

Future infrastructure – the next generation of managing and securing cities and infrastructures

The infrastructure realm has been undergoing a transformation right before our eyes, turning into an arena where technology influences the activity in the field. What are the opportunities that can evolve from this process?

New Economy – the fintech, crypto and blockchain – creating a new economy

The fintech revolution has changed the balance of forces in the old financial world. The control on the financial processes has started to shift towards new companies, a process accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis. What are the major opportunities and challenges in this field?

Quantum Supremacy – the quantum computing revolution will transform all aspects of life

Quantum computing will be able to solve in seconds complex problems that could take a normal computer many years to solve. However, quantum could also endanger pre-quantum cybersecurity measures. What are the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding the quantum computing revolution?

Space – the New Domain

The growing availability of satellites and mini-satellites opens a new world of opportunities. What is the potential for communications, pharma, experiments, data analysis, etc.? 

Innovation in the IDF

Military organizations around the world have been adopting more and more technological innovation from the civilian, commercial realm. How does the military deal with innovation, and how does it manage the transformation from the civilian to the military sector? How does it harvest the fruits of innovation for its own purposes? Dedicated programs, such as INNOFENSE, are one example of innovation integration.

Innovation of Innovation – how to bring innovation into organizations? 

Innovation has become a central pillar of every modern organization: in the industry, high-tech, and government. How can you offer an alternative to the startup ecosystem? Is it preferable to purchase technology? What is best – to establish an internal or external accelerator? How do you overcome the barriers on the way to innovation?

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