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The German Army appears to have selected a new supplier for its assault rifle. After almost six decades with Heckler & Koch, the German Ministry of Defense has chosen C.G. Haenel to supply the next German Assault Weapon, according to the German Press Agency (DPA). Neither the Bundeswehr nor Haenel have made official statements yet.

Although Haenel is already supplying the Bundeswehr with the Haenel RS9 sniper rifle (designated the G29 in German service), they have long been seen as the underdog in the Bundeswehr’s search for a new service rifle. The small company is owned by the newly-established UAE-based consortium EDGE.

As it seems today, the MK556 from C.G. Haenel won over the Heckler & Koch HK416 and the HK433, both of which are believed to have been under consideration. It also beat out the RS556, an entry from Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher.

The “MK” stands for “Maschinenkarabiner” (Machine-Carbine) and was presented in 2017. It follows the AR15 layout, but uses a short-stroke gas piston system with an adjustable gas system.

The total deal is probably worth in the region of 245 million euros (over $290 million) and will see the procurement of some 120,000 new firearms.

The decision of the award is still subject to a possible complaint or judicial review proceedings. The two companies – Heckler & Koch and C.G. Haenel – were reportedly informed of the decision very recently, according to the