What does Future Battlefield look like? Why are Autonomous Systems & Battlefield...

What does Future Battlefield look like? Why are Autonomous Systems & Battlefield ECO-Systems Solutions to Challenges Posed by This Battlefield?

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At the forefront of the global defense industry, RAFAEL offers unique solutions that have revolutionized the field of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles. RAFAEL is synonymous with ingenuity as many of its top systems – such as Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and Trophy APS – have single-handedly changed the battlefield.  Additionally, its ability to develop integrated warfare solutions has changed the way ground and air troops communicate and coordinate with one another. 

The future battlefield will be multidimensional and fully interconnected, only elevating the potential lethality of surprise attacks and increasing the need for stronger efficiency between team members. RAFAEL’s Systems-of-Systems or ECO-Systems will grow in prominence and importance in years to come. 

Dr. Uzi Landau, Chairman of the Board, RAFAEL

RAFAEL has five leading battlefield management ECO-Systems: BNET, operational network, IMILITE,  Fire Weaver, and Cyber Dome.

BNET is a unified communications system designed for all military branches, operational users, and autonomous battlefield systems. BNET is a broadband communications network with a unique spectral management, and is currently the largest and most efficient “information highway” in the military market.

Operational Network is a unified IT infrastructure for all operational users and autonomous systems on the battlefield. It is responsible for the connectivity of all information-sharing and mission service management systems and applications in combat. The operational network digitally transforms today’s battlefield collecting and transferring real-time, high-quality data.  

IMILITE is a centralized mission management and intelligence deciphering hub that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and computerized vision software to most effectively collect and analyze information from the battlefield. IMILITE integrates and breaks down all of the collected data to enable optimal agility and accurate decision making.  

Fire Weaver is a ground-breaking system that both automatically connects and maps detected enemy targets on the battlefield that creates a shared language amongst team members whether on the ground or in the air. Through this shared picture, maneuvering forces can engage targets with the most appropriate munitions available. Fire Weaver drastically decreases ‘Sensor-to-Shooter’ timeframes while efficiently managing battlefield fire power.

Cyber Dome protects all battlefield systems and networks from digital attacks, securing all technological processes. 

Additionally, RAFAEL’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) incorporate three integral technological components – AI, autonomy, and autonomous capabilities for robotic team work.

RAFAEL focuses on low and very low flight level UAVs, reflecting a growing preference for inexpensive tactical UAVs on the one hand, while preserving and increasing operational effectiveness, on the other.

Last year, RAFAEL acquired Israeli-UAV manufacturer, Aeronautics, as part of its strategy to expand innovation in low flight level UAVs. RAFAEL technologies integrated into Aeronautics UAVs are referred to as AAS – Autonomous Aerial Systems, and makes the operational process more efficient. 

RAFAEL’s autonomous and AI technologies tackle the major challenges posed by Big Data. The amount of the accumulated operational information surpasses the capabilities of the human brain in operational time periods. RAFAEL’s top of the line sensors such as RECCELITE and MICROLITE apply innovative ‘Terrain Dominance’ concepts, and apply information extraction and processing solutions in the air and on the ground. These refine the total collected information into refined, high-quality intelligence data. 

Undoubtedly, the integration of RAFAEL’s capabilities into UAS platforms will upgrade these platforms and make them fit to the modern battlefield in the competition over supremacy in the future battlefield.