VTOL – Transforming the UAV Arena

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Military and HLS End Users can now take advantage of the latest hybrid VTOL technology that is integrated into fixed wing VTOL UAVs. These fixed wing VTOL UAVs are transforming the UAV arena as no other UAVs has done for several years.

Due to the combination of the advantages of both fixed wing UAVs (longer endurance, high speed, wind independency, large area coverage, ability to glide in engine failure scenario), with the advantages of a multi-copter (ability to takeoff/land in small and limited areas like small forest clearance, ship’s deck, flat rooftop or any small urban clearance, accurate, safe and damage-free landing, etc.), these hybrid VTOL UAVs enable the End Users to break free from permanent infrastructure (runways, hangers, etc.), cumbersome takeoff and landing equipment (launchers, nets, etc.) and/or parachutes and airbags and perform operational ISTAR missions practically anywhere and anytime.

BlueBird Aero Systems (established in 2002), based in Israel, an innovative, leading global developer and provider of superior micro, mini and small tactical unmanned aerial systems (UAS), delivers exceptional, unprecedented, combat-proven solutions to meet the challenges of the Military, HLS, and civilian UAS markets. The company has specialized in hybrid Fixed Wing VTOL UAS solutions.

BlueBird Aero System’s VTOL UAV family, the WanderB-VTOL and ThunderB-VTOL UAS, has been developed and matured over the last few years overcoming all the challenges facing such development and presents the ultimate solution for supporting open area as well as urban scenarios and Tactical Mapping On-Demand (TMOD) for military, peace-keeping, low-intensity conflict, security, disaster management, law enforcement, S&R and commercial applications.

Fully autonomous, from their point of launch to its pin-point accurate landing, the WanderB-VTOL and the ThunderB-VTOL can takeoff, fly and land even in strong winds or rainy days, assuring high operational availability with long endurance and long communication range.

BlueBird Aero System’s VTOL UAVs were the subject of the world’s largest-ever VTOL UAVs order of over 150 UAVs that were ordered by a European Customer. BlueBird is continuing to enhance its VTOL UAS in its constant spiral development process to provide the End Users new, additional, state of the art systems and operational capabilities.