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UAS is widely recognized as a strategy and a technology assisting public safety operations. However, public safety represents one of the most challenging use cases for drones, due to the requirement to deploy the drone as quickly as possible. Public Safety agencies need compliance, a full suite of practical, accessible operational tools, and full Situational Awareness, so they can command both manned and unmanned airspace whilst delivering critical position and video data to everyone involved in the operation.

A new public safety UAS solution provides a comprehensive, single-source platform with safety and operational tools and services built-in, allowing Public Safety agencies to fly quickly and with full Situational Awareness of manned and unmanned operations.

The solution developed by AiRXOS provides simplified processes, practical operational tools and operational oversight in one centralized solution, from digitizing agency workflows – streamlining compliance and flight authorization processes – to providing airspace advisories, video streaming, and full Situational Awareness. 

The system, available as both a mobile application and web-based solution, helps eliminate the need for multiple applications and labor-intensive flight authorizations, as well as improves airspace visibility and compliance tracking.

The system removes the time burden through automated processes, reduces risk, and strengthens controls in one, simple solution.

According to, AiRXOS began rolling out the Public Safety UAS Solution earlier in the year in a pilot environment and currently has more than 200 US Public Safety agencies using the solution. “The new Public Safety UAS solution is a game-changer for First Responder drone operations,” says Christopher Todd, Executive Director, Airborne International Response Team (AIRT). “Emergency response remote pilots can’t afford to waste time toggling between multiple software applications when lives are on the line. They need a reliable, one-stop solution that can handle the mission at hand.”