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A new cooperation in the field of electro-optical systems. PCO S.A of Poland and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel have signed a Memorandum Of Understandings for the co-production of Toplite electro-optical systems (EOS) in Poland. The cooperation will enable the modernization of Polish Mi-24 helicopters.

Under the MOU, PCO S.A. will be the only supplier of Toplite systems for recipients from Poland and will become part of the supplier chain under other Rafael programs.

The two companies have been cooperating since 2007 for the supply of optoelectronic heads for Poland’s Głuszec helicopters.

The Toplite EOS family is an advanced multi-sensor, multi-purpose, highly stabilized EO/ISR solution for homeland security and defense applications. It is used for a variety of applications on different platforms for intelligence/data collection, surveillance, reconnaissance and weapon direction. 

It is mature, proven and fielded in more than 20 countries in all branches of the armed forces, according to Rafael’s announcement. It incorporates up to seven sensors for detection, tracking, identification, and targeting. 

Toplite is an integral part of Rafael’s air defense systems and naval systems and is fully integrated with Spike missile family on helicopters and other platforms.

The system enables automatic or manual monitoring and investigation using its advanced control unit, Situational Awareness (SAW) and Image processing package. The system is derived from the Litening targeting and navigation pod, of which Rafael has sold and supplied over 1600 units.