night vision

Futuristic Capability Gets Unexpected Twist

For many years, US Army weapons officials have been trying to give soldiers the ability to shoot around corners. Now, the Army is equipping...
Full Color Night Vision

Full Color Night Vision For Soldiers

The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has been planning on increasing the lethality and capabilities of its soldiers during night time missions. A...
VR/AR Night Vision goggles

Hybrid VR/AR Night Vision Goggles for Troops

The United States Army has recently announced that they are looking for companies willing to engineer and create night vision goggles capable of doubling...
Photo illust. Program Executive Office Soldier Flickr

US Soldiers Are Getting Enhanced Situational Awareness

US Army soldiers will enjoy improved situational awareness, mobility and protection, thanks to the beginning of deliveries of advanced binocular night vision goggle. The...
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Thermal Imaging with Smartphone

The new wave of smartphones all come with incredible cameras that produce brilliant photos. There’s only one complaint — the thick camera lenses on...

This System will Supply Enhanced Situational Awareness

When flying an aircraft, access to information is critical. Advanced display technology can provide the enhanced situational awareness required for mission success.  A new night...
Photo illust US Army

Lowering the Risk in Close-Quarter Combat

Close quarter combat involving physical confrontation is challenging. At night it can involve high risks. A new thermal weapons optic equipped with a red...
Photo illust. US DoD

Better Depth Perception In Extreme Conditions

The US Marine soldiers will enjoy better depth perception and improved sight in extremely obscured conditions, thanks to a new binocular-style night-vision device. The Corps...
night vision injection

Revolutionary Tech May Grant Soldiers Night Vision

Soldiers of the future may very likely be deployed without night vision goggles or any other illuminating devices during nighttime operations. Nanoparticle injections may...
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Smart Helmet – Not Just for Iron Man

An interactive head-up display will provide increased safety for law enforcement, firefighters, and even the military. A new helmet prototype is earning comparisons to...
Photo Elbit, Israel Defense Ministry Spokesperson

Meet Israel’s Concept Development for Future Combat Vehicle

Following three years of development and tests, the Israeli Defense Ministry unveiled three new prototypes for the Carmel advanced armored fighting vehicle (AFV), which...

Army to Invest in Future Camouflage Technology

The U.S. Army is investing in future camouflage technology systems designed to protect soldiers and hide their heat signatures. In future battlefields, where it is...

Short History of Infrared Vision Technology

Technology keeps on changing how war is waged. One of the fields that has seen many changes is that of imaging and detection, which...
see through smoke

New System Will Let Warriors See Through Smoke

A new system will help the US Marines see through smoke, fog, and concealment better than other devices. The Marine Corps has begun distributing...

New Thermal Camera to Assist Public Safety Personnel

Law enforcement agents are always in need of greater situational awareness on the field. One of the technologies that enhance the situational awareness of...

Conflict Concerning Facial Recognition Tech is Heating Up

Recently, Google and Microsoft have acknowledged the risks involving facial recognition services and their potential for misuse and surveillance by bad actors. In December,...

Future’s Tactical Assault Operator Suit

American war-fighters have long enjoyed a technological preponderance over their opponents. They are equipped with the best high-tech gear in the world, such as...

Night Vision in Color is Game Changer

Increasingly compact night vision optics and cameras have fundamentally changed the nature of warfare, as well as law enforcement and other activities. But they...

New Specialized Helmet Cameras

Advanced MOHOC cameras are increasingly adopted by conventional military and first responders, and are already used by Special Forces and tactical law enforcement for...
surveillance uav

U.S Air Force Sells Surveillance UAV to Japan  

Japan is enhancing its unmanned surveillance capabilities. The US Air Force and the Japanese government agreed on a $489.9 million deal to build three...

US Marines are Looking for Enhanced Night Vision Tech

The US Army has been enhancing its capabilities in night vision. While the Army is still developing an advanced version of night vision devices,...
smart combat helmet

India is Developing Smart Combat Helmet for Elite Forces

India has been indigenously developing a smart combat helmet that will supply its soldiers with enhanced situational awareness. The Indian Institute of Technology IIT-Ropar...


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NoName Russian Cybergang Retaliates After Members’ Arrest

Pro-Russian hacktivist group NoName attacks in Spain after three members were arrested by Spanish authorities for cyber terror attacks against Spain and other NATO...