Counter-Drone Jamming Device Developed

Given the recent drone attack on the Venezuelan president and the high profile mailbomb terrorist attacks in the United States, a new counter-drone jamming...
ballistic missile

Anti Ballistic Missile System Successfully Tested

The Pentagon recently intercepted a test ballistic missile with the Standard Missile-3 Block IIA system, the second time that weapon has been successfully tested...

New Apps Enhance Public Safety

Five public safety apps have been added by FirstNet (First Responders Network Authority) to its public communications platform. FirstNet is an independent authority within the...
explosives detection

Neutral Explosives Detection Algorithm in Development

In order to upgrade and improve airport security systems, the U.S. government and airport security experts are working to develop vendor-neutral software for explosives...

British Army Gets New Robot

The British Army is about to obtain an impressive, advanced new explosive ordnance disposal robot with the ability to climb stairs, negotiate slopes of...

LiDAR Will Protect You from Autonomous Systems

As integration of both autonomous drones and driverless cars in our societies approaches, the race to safety in both industries increases, as to keep...
Drone industry

Poland Invites Israeli Drone Industry to Cooperate

Last Monday, October 15, iHLS’s AUS&R conference hosted a plethora of startups, organizations and individuals from the industry of Unmanned Systems. A unique addition...
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Now Protects Students

Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning is now being used to help schools across the U.S. rapidly and cost-effectively enhance safety and security...

New System Expands Situational Awareness and Safety

A new system named the Portable SkyDome has recently launched and was created with the purpose of empowering field agents, border patrol, law enforcement...

Mobile Equipment Supplies High-Level Ballistic Shielding

According to various scenarios, Israeli installations and civilians’ homes are constantly threatened by enemy rockets. Two new products provide essential protection and ballisic shielding...
Police Helicopters Help Locating Suspects

Police Uses advanced Infrared Cameras On Helicopters To Easily Detect Suspects

New technology gave Omaha police officers a boost as they recently tracked a man in east Omaha who was suspected of driving a stolen...

iHLS Accelerator Startup: Disruption in IoT Command and Control

The market of the IoT connected devices is in the midst of a major revolution which has already altered every field, from domestic devices,...
People For Gun Control

Israeli Gun Control Laws Can Benefit The US

Israel exists under constant threat of attack and requires citizens to serve in the military, but still has much stricter gun laws than the...
Gun Owners Marking

Politicians Propose Obligatory Gun-Owners Marking

In light of recent events that happened all across the world and mainly in the US, experts have long been thinking of ways to...
anti terror

New Anti Terror Super Unit Formed in UK

Britain has suffered quite a few terror attacks, mainly be Islamist Groups, with one to note is the London Underground attack in 2005. Now,...

Israel is Among Five Global Cyber Powers

Israel’s national cyber agencies (the National Cyber Bureau and the National Cybersecurity Authority) will be merged into one entity, the National Cyber Array, which...

Anti-Terror Move – Encouraging Civilian Self-Defence

The Czech Interior Ministry wants to push through a constitutional amendment which will enable citizens to hold firearms licenses and to use their weapons...

Video Analytics – Innovative Technology with Civilian and Security Uses

Video analytics is a technology that is used to identify, record, and analyze video streams via electronic media. Intelligent video analytics (IVA) helps end-users...

iHLS Signed an Agreement with A Korean Governmental Program

A first of its kind memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between iHLS and Global Tech Korea, a Korean governmental program. GT (GlobalTech) is the international program...

Solutions to Cyber Hacking Risks at the Automotive Sector

Hacking has become one of the auto industry's biggest concerns, especially as modern cars add more electronic controls and infotainment systems. Last March, the...

New Developments in Power Grids Protection against Cyber Threats

Power grids and utility SCADA systems may be volneruable to a variety of threats, including cyber attacks.  might be a target to such attacks....

Africa Wants Its Own Security Solutions

Top experts in defence and technology experts met last month to discuss issues of security in Africa. During the fourth National Security Symposium held...


image from video

Revolutionary Snake-Inspired Robot Can Move and Manipulate Objects

Snake-inspired robots have many advantages over conventional wheeled or legged ones, like adapting the shape of their body, entering narrow spaces and moving freely...