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iHLS is delighted to announce the Conference and Exhibition on Unmanned Systems and Robotics - AUS&R 2018, the leading event held for the sixth...

Record Investment in Battlefield Robots

Over the next few years, the Pentagon will spend almost $1 billion for a range of robots designed to complement combat troops at the...

Minesweeper – Now the Autonomous Version

At present, the UK Royal Navy’s equipment used to destroy mines needs to be manned by a crew and specialist divers can be required...

Revolutionary Sensor “Skin” Developed for Robots

If a robot is sent to disable a roadside bomb—or delicately handle an egg while cooking you an omelet—it needs to be able to...

New Mine-Disarming Drones To Be Used In Syria

New drones were demonstrated by Russia’s International Anti-Mining Center's sapper units for mine-disarming. Dmitry Klochko, director of LocMas who told mil.today: "To neutralize mines, we...
bomb disposal

Sharing Info in Bomb Disposal Field

First responders must stay up-to-date on the latest tactics and techniques for improvised explosive devices (IED) response. How does the Department of Homeland Security...

Tactical Throwable Robot Can Save Lives

Missions such as clearing buildings, detecting explosive charges etc. in a hostile environment often endanger the lives of soldiers and law enforcement officers. A...
robotic ordnance disposal

New Deal in Robotic Ordnance Disposal Market

A leading robotic defense contractor for wireless video transmission modules for use in military remote ordnance disposal applications awarded a $343,000 order to xG...


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US’s New Nuclear Space Rocket Shortens Trip to Mars

NASA, DARPA, and Lockheed Martin are working together on nuclear-powered spacecraft, which could dramatically cut down travel times to space, and more specifically to...