Autonomous IED Detection System to Save Soldiers’ Lives

Autonomous IED Detection System to Save Soldiers’ Lives

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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has completed the development of an autonomous improvised explosive device detection (IED’s) system that will eliminate risk to human teams. The system is a robotic engineering scout, installed on a robotic platform made by IAI, and integrates a combination of multiple sensors, for detecting improvised explosive devices. The system is detecting IEDs placed and hidden in complex areas, engage and remove them as necessary using the blade installed on the vehicle. The system operation, maneuver and detection are done autonomously without danger to human life. The system is scheduled to be transferred for trial and evaluation purposes.

The system is part of the SAHAR family, which includes a number of platforms that have explosive detection device and route clearing capabilities. Each system is adapted to customer needs, and includes the robotic platform, the control system and the relevant detection payloads. The system is based on IAI’s robotic kit, enabling faster, more efficient execution of missions and safe operation of the system without risk to human life. The system may operate in any terrain and has a precision operation system that generates a real image of the arena. The system combines a number of payloads of different types for detection of explosive devices on and under the surface and engineering capabilities for neutralizing them, according to the company’s announcement.

Meir Shabtai, General Manager, Robotic Systems Division: “The completion of the development of the autonomous IED’s detection system of the SAHAR family and its delivery to operational trails is another significant quantum leap in the field of unmanned vehicles. Israel Aerospace Industries is operating intensively and is adapting its products to the future battlefield needs. The SAHAR system integrates and uses the advanced technologies in the terms of detection sensors capabilities, and Autonomous Navigation.”