Big Data


The Second Israeli Big Data Fusion Conference will be held on February 6, 2014, at the IAF Center in Herzliya. It is the main event of the International BDF Conference in Israel, a world leader in HLS and defense.

Today’s threats range from criminal activity to full scale war, through large scale terrorist and cyber-attacks against national critical infrastructures. At present, actionable intelligence is within reach of homeland security mega-agencies and organization. The data is there, in the virtual world, the challenge lies in gathering, assessing, and providing real-time relevant alerts.

This will be the focus of the upcoming Big Data Fusion conference: analysis capabilities, monitoring and applications – a road map for understanding cyber intelligence. The guest speakers will focus on big data methodologies in defense, HLS and intelligence, in addition to big data fusion tools and technologies used in intelligence gathering.

The target audience are Israeli and international end users and stakeholders, intelligence community personnel, consultants, system integrators, IT infrastructure suppliers and integrators, network suppliers and independent software vendors. 

Location: Jabotinsky 15, Herzliya

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