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Automatic traffic management is one of the pillars of the smart city concept. Urbanization and increased traffic drive the urgent need for a next-generation traffic monitoring and management solution. However, the deployment of traffic cameras in cities is hampered by either lack of or subpar autonomous video monitoring systems that require cloud access or extensive high-bandwidth internet infrastructure. 

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A new collaboration in the AI and advanced camera systems could solve this problem through their fully-integrated Smart City AI Traffic Video Analytics and Management Solution with the City of Grapevine, Texas.

The Currux Vision and Costar Technologies solution removes the need for constant human oversight, outdated reporting systems, and limits on observation time by autonomously monitoring traffic cameras and systems and generating real time alerts when certain events of interest occur. 

Currux Vision’s traffic detection includes counting and identifying vehicle types, slow traffic, wrong way traffic, speeding, parking infringements, pedestrian detection and counting, etc. The dashboard provides extensive analytics and reports, and does not require a separate video management system to operate.

The test with the City of Grapevine, TX and independent testing by Costar Technologies confirmed that the system can operate with 95% – 98% or higher accuracy under various conditions including day and night, rain, camera vibrations, and even partial camera view obstruction. 

Additionally, the ease of installation and operation, edge and near-edge processing capabilities, and powerful and flexible back-end capabilities have been cited as key advantages.

The Smart City AI product will undoubtedly accelerate wide-scale adoption of AI-capabilities by cities.

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