Unveiled for First Time: Unprecedented Strategic Range Cannon

Unveiled for First Time: Unprecedented Strategic Range Cannon

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For already two years, there have been hints regarding the development of a strategic, super long range gun for the US ground forces. This revolutionary project was kept secret until now when it was exposed for the first time in images emerging on social media.

Experts said it is possible that other global actors would immediately try to imitate these unprecedented strategic capabilities. The project is apparently an effort to balance US inferiority vis a vis Russia and China.

The Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC) with a claimed range of over 1,000 miles (some 1600 km) is designed to be transported by truck, handled by a crew of eight. Experts evaluate that this weapon is extremely heavy.

With such range, it is capable of raining shells down on enemy positions across continents and oceans, according to pupularmechanics.com.

The images were apparently taken from an Army Futures Command booth at an unknown event. One image shows a very large gun being hauled by one of the Army’s M1070 Heavy Equipment Transporter Trucks. The M1070 is used to haul M1A2 Abrams tanks around. It is lifted in the rear by a 6×6 trailer mount.

According to thedrive.com, the concept model poster shown in the images said:  “Penetrates and dis-integrates enemy A2/AD [anti access, area denial] defenses to create windows of opportunity for exploitation by the Joint Force,” the SLRC poster reads. “Platform is comprised of a weapon, prime mover, and trailer, [and] projectile and propelling charge capable of delivering massed fires at strategic ranges for multi-domain operations.”