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Gilat SatTrooper.
Gilat SatTrooper.

Gilat Satellite Networks, announced this week that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has selected its SatTrooper-1000 military Manpack terminal for advanced tactical field communications. The Manpack was tailor made to address the unique field requirements of the IDF ground forces.

As happened before it is expected that the system will be modified to be used by anti terror units.

The SatTrooper-1000 will provide Israeli soldiers with dependable data, video and telephony at broadband speeds. Weighing only 13 kilos, the compact and easy-to-carry terminal is highly efficient and can be set up in minutes by a singlesoldier. The rugged design of the auto pointing antenna enables rapid connectivity even in the harshest environmental conditions.

“Net centric warfare has increased the importance of quick-deploy satellite based communication solutions in today’s battle field,” said Res. Gen. Moshe (Chico) Tamir, Gilat’s Vice President of Defense and Homeland Security. “Intelligence superiority is a critical necessity on the battle field wherever and whenever required. Our SatTrooper Manpack was built taking into account the harshest and most demanding battle conditions, adhering to the stringent communication requirements of the IDF.”