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DOne of the main challenges in keeping borders and perimeter fences secure is the amount of false alarms a sensory perimeter intrusion detection fence tends to produce. Any animal can trigger these systems, and the people responsible for the given perimeter have to treat all alerts as real and send manned teams to check every possible point of intrusion.

Magal S3, an Israeli company developing, producing and installing products in the perimeter security field, has offered a solution to the problem. Its Roboguard is a fence patrol robot providing automatic inspection capabilities and quick response to intrusion alerts.

CThe robot is mounted on a rail attached to the fence, which also provides it with electricity and can be up to 500 meters long. It has a bunch of sensors, including cameras for remote vision, IR illumination for night vision, GPS for location awareness, a microphone and a speaker to let controllers communicate with intruders and a built-in computer vision system that enables it to “understand” what it sees, thus saving the need for a remote controller to watch its captured video in real-time. In addition, Roboguard is equipped with pepper-spray for basic self-defense or deterrence ability, and a backup battery.

AThe robot can operate autonomically or be controlled by any Security Management System (SMS). Video and commands are wirelessly transmitted over WiFi, and it is able to travel at a speed of up to 60km/h, giving it quick access to relatively wide areas.