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Radiation cannot be detected by human senses. A variety of handheld and laboratory instruments can detect and measure radiation, for use by customs, police or other first responder teams on the radiation monitoring of vehicles, people and commodities.

A new system will provide first responders with increased sensitivity, flexible power management, and advanced communications to locate and measure radioactive sources. The technology offers a 360-degree coverage that enables the location and measuring of gamma and neutron radioactive sources with confidence. 

FLIR Systems has introduced its identiFINDER R425 next-generation handheld radioactive materials identification device (RID). A single cubic detector design, sourceless stabilization, advanced heuristics, and hybrid identification techniques enable the system to detect radioactive sources in all directions. 

At 15 percent lighter weight than previous generations, the handheld device provides ergonomic balance for surveying, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.

The device delivers three times the gamma and two times the neutron sensitivity of currently fielded systems, so responders can detect radiological threats from farther away and behind heavier shielding.

Where other systems can become inoperable in extremely high gamma fields, the identiFINDER R425 remains operational, delivering pinpoint accuracy.

The internal battery lasts for 12 hours, with power options that include disposable or rechargeable batteries that can be hot-swapped for as much more time as four hours of extended operations. 

The system communicates results rapidly when it detects a radioactive source, and it offers remote data viewing, operation, and reach-back through dual USB-C ports, according to

The device has built-in Bluetooth and GPS technology. The single-hand operation via three-button control is a familiar interface for existing identiFINDER users, simplifying deployment and training requirements.

A year ago, the company launched its identiFINDER R200-AN spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPED) for front-line first responders to identify radiation threats.