Remarkable Innovation in Video Surveillance Field

Remarkable Innovation in Video Surveillance Field

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The global video surveillance equipment market is expected to grow by $1.7B this year, according to IHS Markit. Undoubtedly, there is a growing demand for advanced and reliable technologies in this field. 

A pair of surveillance camera products introduced recently will provide edge biometric facial recognition capabilities to the law enforcement and public surveillance markets. The BOVI-CAM and BOVI-SENSE developed by Taiwan-based mobile video and cloud service company Bovia can analyze as many as 20 or 22 faces per second based on the database of 200K face features. 

The company says it also offers LTE transmission with latency of less than 120 milliseconds, even on a crowded network. This is compared to other world-leading surveillance and security companies with a LTE transmission latency of 5 seconds. 

The company which started as a startup four years ago developed a mobile video streaming platform realizing that while there were plenty of high-quality image management providers on the market, there was a lack of a total solution on data encryption. 

The company combines the reliable video compression and transmission quality of BOVI-CAM and the video management system of BOVI-LIVE, which collects videos for data and Information fusion, according to

Their technologies, including live streaming body cameras, are used or soon will be used by half of Taiwan’s law enforcement agencies, with partners including Taiwan’s National Police Agency, Investigation Bureau, and National Security Bureau.

The company also intends to integrate 5G technology into its solutions, according to