Proven Tactical Vehicle Gets New Robotic Capabilities 

Proven Tactical Vehicle Gets New Robotic Capabilities 


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The quality mobility platform for all-terrain uses has been recently equipped with outstanding robotic capabilities. Israel Aerospace industries (IAI) and DSRaider have been collaborating in a unique project, encompassing the development of a robotic/autonomous platform which includes the integration of IAI’s robotic kit into DSRaider’s off-road platform – the EZRaider tactical four-wheeled vehicle, for various missions.

The EZRaider electric vehicle which constitutes a new category in the vehicle field, can carry logistical supply, evacuate injured persons, etc. The compact vehicle with exceptional maneuverability is capable of reaching high speeds (up to 40 km h), range of up to 80 km on a single charge, has a very low noise signature and impressive navigability in various terrains.

The innovative robotic solution is based on the robotic kit developed at IAI’s robotics factory, and enables the remote operation of the platform in complex terrains, including the operation of various measures. All those – in various control levels, up to full autonomy.

The advanced platform is based on modular building blocks which have been fitted to the system:

  1. Command and control of the controllers and the steering for the navigation of the platform
  2. Sensors for the physical space wherein the platform navigates
  3. A navigation system based on inertial measurement units and GPS
  4. An operation and monitoring unit for feeding mission goals by the user and receiving indication
  5. Network communication for long-range operation and urban environments
  6. A real-time mission management and decision making system

IAI’s robotic kit was installed on and customized to a wide range of ground platforms, manned and unmanned, and has completed many operational hours.

The kit’s integration with the EZRaider platform opens a wide array of new opportunities for various operational capabilities and applications.