Unveiling the Zibar Trooper

Unveiling the Zibar Trooper

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!cid_ADC67E3A-0AE4-47FD-8A3C-1DF122FBE114The ZIBAR TROOPER, developed in Israel by Ido Off-road Technology is designed and built as a unique off-road automotive platform. It is in many aspects suited to the homeland security, Border protection missions.

The ZIBAR TROOPER is equipped with a special drive line and unique suspension which enable it to handle the most hostile and difficult terrains.

The special vehicle handles rocky trails, sand dunes, marshes and water crossings, in the most functional way.

According to the Israeli manufacturer the ultimate troops’ carrier is the most flexible application for special units and it is adapted to end users requirements.

Technical specs:


Weights and Dimension

Curb weight         2900 kg* – Curb weight includes the following: Tool Kit, Spare Tire, Windshield and soft doors.

Payload      1,500 Kg* (3,300 Lb) – Includes Fuel tank 170 L (50 gal)

G.V.W        4,400 kg (9,250 Lb)

Overall Width      2,130 mm (83.85″)

Overall Length     4,950 mm (194.88″) The Measured Length includes The Spare Tire, Spare Tire Mount, Winch and Winch Mount;

Overall Height      1,900 mm

Wheel Base          3,700 mm

zibar pickup
zibar pickup


Ground Clearance          Clearance under Axles – 370 mm (14.5″)

Clearance under Body – 530 mm (20.8″)

Top speed   140 Km/h (110 M/h)

Acceleration 0-100 km

(0-60 M)     8 seconds

Approach Angle   90 deg

Departure Angle   40 deg

Side slope handling        60%

Longitudinal slope handling    100 %

Ditch Crossing     0.8 M (2.6′)

Step Climbing Ability    0.75 M (2.4′)

Water Obstacle Crossing         0.8 M (2.6′)

Operation Range fully loaded condition – 500 Km

zibar trooper test drive
zibar trooper test drive

Engine, Transmission and Driveline components

Engine Type         GM 6.5L Turbo diesel

Transmission       Automatic 4 speed 4L80E