AI Based APCs Will Swap Out Soldiers On the Battlefield

AI Based APCs Will Swap Out Soldiers On the Battlefield


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The Australian Army has been at work to better integrate armored personnel carriers (APCs) with autonomous technology that could help lower the number of humans needed on the future battlefield.

The Australian Army has been at work with the aerospace firm BAE Systems, to convert two M113 AS4 APCs to utilize autonomous technology.

BAE Systems has stated that the Australian Army would carry out experiments to see how autonomous vehicles would benefit the battlefield.

As part of the Australian Army’s Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Strategy, autonomous vehicles could potentially complete switch out human operators in logistic support or intelligence gathering missions. The RAS Strategy as a whole focuses on how the Army can optimize AI, robotics, and autonomous technologies.

“Autonomous technology will assist soldiers to respond in an accelerating warfare environment,” said CTO of BAE Systems Australia, Brad Yelland.

Intelligent technologies are beginning to make an impact on several military organizations, as CNBC reports. For example, a software developing company has been awarded 1 million pounds by the British Army to research how virtual reality can be integrated into training.

Work on the autonomous APCs is expected to be complete by October.