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A Chinese company has recently showed off its concept model for a high speed drone to operate as a “wingman” for manned aircraft.

Taking lead from the F-35 block 4 upgrades, the LJ-1 is designed to fly loyally alongside pilots and assist them. 

Designed as a fourth generation jet, the jet powered drone is capable of sustaining high G forces, long flight, and stealth.

The LJ-1, however, is more than just an attack drone. Similar to the western “unmanned wingman” concept with the F-35, the LJ-1 will be able to interfere with infrared seekers and jam enemy radar or communications.

Compared to other “wingman” drones, the LJ-1 will be the first such drone to operate as a suicide drone. By attaching the correct payloads, mentions that the LJ-1 could effectively become an expensive cruise missile.

While an entertaining concept, “CCKW”, the Chinese company developing the LJ-1, will likely have a hard time selling on the international market. China has exported military drones over the past several years, with many customers not being satisfied with their purchases. An example of such being Jordan selling off their fleet of the Chinese made CH-4B Rainbow Drones due to the drone’s unsatisfactory performance.