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Engineers in Turkey have managed to develop a weapon attachment that reduces recoil when firing a firearm. That attachment increases bullet range and impact and can also be mounted onto several different weapons, as well as drones.

The WATTOZZ T61, developed by Albayraklar Holding, prevents recoil while minimizing gunshot sounds. While other silencers often slow down muzzle velocity, the WATTOZZ T61 maximizes muzzle velocity while at the same time silences the weapon better than most other gun silencers.

While effective at managing the recoil on rifles, the WATTOZZ T61 is also great at lowering the recoil of pistols. In fact, reports that the system is the only one in the world that eliminates recoil with pistols.

The attachment can be mounted on most long or short barrelled guns and is suitable with most types of ammunition.

The attachment can also be mounted on UAV and drones to increase their firing stability, making accurate targeting and firing simple on a fast moving drone hundreds of meters away from the target.