Chinese University Upgrading to Smart Campus

Chinese University Upgrading to Smart Campus

Zhejiang University Library by Wikimedia

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A university in China has upgraded its campus and achieved 5G and AI coverage. The university has become a secure, high tech, smart campus. This change comes after Ningbo, a branch of China Mobile, has signed the “5G smart campus” strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Wanli University.

Students at Zhejiang Wanli University will enjoy the benefits of smart security systems and locks at their school and dormitory buildings. Doors at the campus were upgraded to use electronic wireless locks and students will be able to enter campus buildings by having their face scanned by AI software.

Up until now, the university supports 5G coverage in major areas on campus such as the library or dormitories. Once the university is completely covered, it will be the first university with Ningbo to have the universal “5G and AI” coverage.

Ningbo aren’t just stopping at face scanners, locks, and coverage, they are also planning to work to optimize classrooms and labs to make them “smart” as well.

For example, mentions that the university will begin to use applications such as 5G virtual reality immersing teaching, AI teaching aids, holographic classrooms, and more.

During all of this, Ningbo and the university will construct a 5G network planning and optimizing lab to continue to expand and teach practices based on the 5G technologies.

With the increase of smart technologies in the Chinese university, the campus’ will likely become a powerhouse for innovation, comfort, and security.