UAVs Secured Major Soccer Tournament

(Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 07/07/2019) Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, durante a final da Copa América 2019, entre as seleções do Brasil e Peru. Foto: Carolina Antunes/PR

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An autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems company that develops UAVs for security companies and first responders has partnered with the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in an effort to supply them with added security capabilities for the recently held Copa America soccer tournament.

As part of the agreement, Atlas operated their flagship product, the AtlasPRO, in the first instance where multi-drone UAS technology has been utilized to secure a major sporting event. The AtlasPRO was flown along the perimeter of the Maracana Stadium in order to gather data on public safety hazards and to shorten the emergency response time.

The AtlasPRO is capable of fully and semi-autonomous operation. It has a flight time of 50 minutes and a range of 10 kilometers. However its short flight time is offsetted by its multi-node communication capability, which allows one operator to operate a network of drones at once. The drones utilize “hot swap,” meaning that when a drone is low on battery, a fully charged drone will fly out to replace the weaker drone. This allows the operator to maintain a constant eye in the sky in several different locations. mentions that Atlas has partnered with several police, military, fire departments, and other first responder organizations to deliver cost-effective autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems to support such organizations with their missions.