Multi-Purpose UGV Available For Variety of Missions

Multi-Purpose UGV Available For Variety of Missions


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A mini, multi-purposed UGV has been designed and is ready for use by armed forces, police forces, and fire fighting forces around the world.

Designed by Nexter Robotics, the NERVA LG is a configurable UGV designed for a variety of roles including chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives detection, observation, surveillance, reconnaissance, route clearing, fire-fighting, and many other different kinds of missions. The UGV is also capable of integrating with the Aravis mine-resistant ambush vehicle.

Throughout the years, Nexter Robotics have managed to ship over 50 NERVA UGVs to several different countries and armed forces, including the French Armed Forces, the Swiss police, the Dutch Army, the Fire Services of Amsterdam, and more.

The UGV is easy to use and completely waterproof. It has a lightweight, open-architecture design, allowing it to be interchangeable with a variety of different payloads. It can also be fitted with tracks or wheels, depending on the mission.

The robot weighs in at 4.5 kilograms and stands at a height of 15 centimeters. It is 35 centimeters long and 31 centimeters wide.

The NERVA LG has two functioning modes, one manual and the other semi automatic. When is semi-automatic mode, the robot is capable of navigating on its own based off waypoints inputted into the system by the operator, it can also return home on its own when needed.

As for payloads, the NERVA LG be used with up to 20 different mission kits. A 360 degree HD day camera can be mounted for situational awareness and reconnaissance. Thermal imaging can be used instead for low light scenarios.

The UGV can operate as a communication system between forces near the UGV and the robot’s operator. It is also compatible with payloads such as lighting systems, mapping kits, anti-IED tools, smoke generators, and more.

The NERVA LG is capable of reaching speeds up to 15 kilometers an hour and has a battery life of approximately two hours. mentions that the UGV has an operating range of up to 1 kilometer in open areas and 300 meters in urban conditions.