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The United States possesses one of the strongest and most intelligent military systems throughout the world. Greece has recently just approached the United States to purchase seven MH-60R Seahawk multi mission helicopters. It will cost Greece $600 million to acquire the seven copters, as stated by 

The United States has been using these choppers ever since October of 2007. The MH-60R contains many capabilities including the potential to cause a substantial amount of damage. 

The MH-60R, also known as ‘Romeo’, features turboshaft engines, a spacious cabin, an advanced cockpit, weaponry, and many other notable aspects. The 6,895kg copter has the ability to reach a speed of up to 267km/h. So although it may be large and heavy, it still has the power to be quick and crafty. 

The cockpit display is completely made of glass and gives the pilot the ability to not only operate Romeo in the day, but also in the night. The cockpit includes mission and flight management computers, a mass memory unit, and a few other essential features. The cabin of the helicopter can carry up to five passengers while still containing lots of legroom. 

Depending upon whether Romeo is being used for anti-surface warfare missions or anti-submarine warfare, it could carry weapons ranging from three ATK mk50 all the way up to AGM-114 Hellfire anti-surface missiles.

The order is expected to be complete in February of 2020. Congress was just recently informed about the sale and is likely going to approve the deal. The deal will not only include all the equipment mentioned before, but also weapons for Romeo such as sonobuoys, MK 54 torpedoes, and Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System rockets. With these seven new MH-60Rs, Greece’s military should be significantly more powerful.